Terms of Service

The company David Pichsenmeister is the operator of the website and will be called "sharedspaces" in the following document. All services related to sharedspaces underly these Terms of Service (ToS).

1. Sphere of Action

All services offered by sharedspaces as well as every contract between the user and sharedspaces is based on the ToS. The user will be notified at least three days in advance, if the ToS will be changed. In this case, the users have a two-week-period for his/her right of objection. After this period, the new ToS will be applied and henceforth be valid.

2. Contracts between sharedspaces and the User

If the user uses any service provided by sharedspaces, a valid contract between sharedspaces and the user has been established without any further legal act.

3. Services offered by sharedspaces

sharedspaces offers its basic services free of charge for the users. This includes among other features the creation of a user profile and the development and assistance of a user generated content on this platform. All services are described on the website and are provided revocable. The variety of services is dependent on the technical feasibility and advancement. The user has an extraordinary right of termination within three days, if confinements in relation to the services occur for a longer period of time. This right of termination is not valid for upgrades or any other works to improve the quality of the platform.

4. Signing up for sharedspaces

All public services offered by sharedspaces can be used from any person. If a user wants to sign up for sharedspaces, s/he must be at least 16 years old. By signing up for the service, the person confirms that s/he is at least 16 years old. The user is responsible for the correctness of the data s/he provides. All explanatory notes and informations regarding new services and updates will be sent to the email address specified by the user (if any). Private data (e.g. password) is confidential and the user has to take care that no third person will get this data. sharedspaces does not guarantee for the completeness and correctness of the data provided by the users.

5. Using sharedspaces

All registered users commit themselves to respect the ToS, morality and prevailing legal norms and furthermore the privacy of other users. sharedspaces reserves the right to delete listings (spaces) and/or user accounts, if the points mentioned before are being ignored. sharedspaces reserves the right to add ad-related information to user-generated content. Every user is in charge of using and supervision his/her own user account. sharedspaces is not in charge of the content provided by the user using the platform, but with the addition that the content is being checked randomly as well as event-driven.

6. Rights

By using sharedspaces, the user grants the right to the temporally and physically unrestricted use of the content and data produced by the user him/herself for the public. sharedspaces is allowed to make use of this data by publishing, providing, modifying, translating etc it. Revoking these rights must be done by the user him/herself, but cannot be done ex post, after data has already been published etc.

7. Forbidden Content

Every user has to make sure that the content s/he provides is not wholly or partly under legal protection by a third party. sharedspaces is not accountable for content provided by users that harms copyrights etc. It is furthermore forbidden to publish pornographic, racist, discriminatory, blasphemous, abusive, national socialist, morally objectionable or political extremist content - or any other content that harms other rights and norms - on the platform. This includes links and images. The users must not use applications that could cause malfunction on the servers of sharedspaces and/or on other users’ hard- or software.

8. Guarantee and Liability

sharedspaces does not warrant that all services are devoid of errors or malware. sharedspaces is only responsible for grossly negligent or deliberate behavior, but not for any circumstances in relation with user misbehavior and/or the neglect of ToS.

9. Privacy Policy

Especially basic claims data and traffic data is being stored and used. Publicly available data (if applicable full name, address, phone, email, website) are visible to every user if used as contact information in an space, even to those who are not signed up for the platform. sharedspaces cares for user data and gives it's best to store it securely. In case of an external incident with violent intentions (e.g. hacker attack), sharedspaces does not take any warranty for leaked data or data loss. Furthermore, sharedspaces makes use of web analysis services (Google Analytics) which use cookies to store data. This data is underlying the ToS of the corresponding provider (“Google”). The users can deactivate the use of cookies in their respective browsers. In this case, not all services may be available to the full extent. More information can be found ine the Imprint. By agreeing to the ToS, the user complies with the storage and usage of the data named above. Data privacy statement: www.ris.bka.gv.at.

10. Closing an Account

sharedspaces is qualified to close a user account without any warning if the user does not comply with the ToS. However, every user is able to close his/her own account in their dashboard.

11. Public Authorities

sharedspaces has to pass on relevant data to public authorities if required. Furthermore, sharedspaces is in bond to report any illegal acts.

12. Applied Law

All contractual relations between the user and sharedspaces are based on Austria law. The court of jurisdiction in every relationship is primarily Vienna (Austria).

13. Final Provisions

All agreements between sharedspaces and the users are valid if sent and received by email. If any provision of the contract shall be invalid or impracticable in whole or in part this shall not affect the validity of the remaining part of this contract. In lieu of the invalid or impracticable provision an appropriate provision shall apply which is nearest to the intent of the contracting parties of to what would have been their intention in keeping with the meaning an purpose of the contract if they had considered this issue at the conclusion of the contract or at a later addition of a provision.